Holy Crap-Good day for Apple

First off—The iPod nano is very,very nice. But a 60GB VIDEO iPod will beat it up in the schoolyard with ease.

Apple news for the day(in order of importance):

  1. New Ipod(30GB and 60Gb flavors) -supports playback of MPEG4 and H.264 -plus has composite video out.
    Apple – iPod
    I want this bad enough that it really truly hurts.
  2. iTunes 6–supports purchase of music videos, new videocasting support, gift giving of playlists/songs–and…
    Buy TV shows for $1.99 the day after they are released. This includes titles such as Lost,Desperate Housewives, and more.
    They are pushing the limits on this one.

  3. The new iMac G5
    sports new media enhancements, built in iSight camera, included remote—very nice. Could easily replace your tv.

Good job Jobs!

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