Liquid Reservoir Ski Poles – ColdPole

Okay alchies’ -time to prioritize which new gear you’re going to need for the coming Ski/Snowboard season.
You no longer need to worry about lugging that flask, or pint o’ Rumpleminz, in your jacket.
You can now enjoy your favourite booze of choice anywhere on the mountain.
These ski poles sport a removable handle, that hides a resevoir that can hold up to 8 oz of liquid in each pole.
I know some people who I guarantee cannot live without this.
Check the ColdPole site below for ordering info,etc.

Liquid Reservoir Ski Poles – ColdPole

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  1. I actually saw this fine skiing flask on the mountain. I was going up the mountain in a lift and saw someone with one of these…a great idea for any one who likes their adult berverages

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