Palm Treo 650 will go Crackberry

This is interesting news for a number of reasons. First off, I finally joined the throngs of Treo 650 owners, and I am really pleased with it so far.
Second –where I work, they prefer the blackberry enterprise stuff, so I have been out of the loop on that so far(ps. blackberry phones are ugly).
Third, it seems to me that RIM may be trying to suck up some cash, so they can afford the potential licensing fees, that they may have to pay.
The patent lawsuit for wireless email, has turned against RIM, so I get the feeling they are trying to license their tech as much as possible. This may help stem the cost of the court injunction against them. As a side note, the company suing RIM, has failed to uphold their patent claims with the USPTO, but, the court case is still going their way.
Let’s hope RIM doesn’t disappear.

Palm says Treo 650 to get BlackBerry Connect early 2006 – Engadget –

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