My Squidoo Public Beta

So, the word is out, and Seth Godins‘ latest project, Squidoo, is slightly open to the public. Those of us who were closed beta testers were given the go ahead to share our Squidoo Lenses with friends and family.

For those who don’t know, Squidoo, is a site that enhances the search engine ideology. It does this by allowing people to publish information/links and articles(Lenses) on subjects that a person(LensMaster) may have experience/expertise in.
The concept allows these self proclaimed experts to provide tightly filtered and relevant information on a topic, without all of the cruft that comes along with a normal search engine. The whole project abounds with the hottest buzzwords of the day,ie. longtail,web 2.0, ajax,etc.

So I decided to do a lense about the Python programming language, and it’s use on Windows. So without any further ado, the link to my Squidoo lense.

I am currently ranked 1,777 , –so if you believe my lense has some valuable content, go ahead and rate it.

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