Blog Day Post for 2007

Blog Day 2007

Here is my entry to the blogday 2007 excitement.
This is kind of hard for me because I tend to read tons of popular blogs, and rarely add a new one into the mix.
But I have toiled and thought long and hard, and this is all I came up with:

  • Your Vegan Mom:
    This is a great blog by a Vegan mother named Trina from LA. I found her via our popular blog feature on
    Her blog is a treasure trove of vegan recipes. I am not vegan(I am vegetarian), but the recipes she has on her blog are beautiful and flavorful.
    She is able to appeal to veggies, and carnivores alike with her creative recipes.
  • Post Secret:
    Oldie but goodie. The great thing about this blog is the guilty pleasure of reading other peoples thoughts. Voyeurism can be fun.
    I always meant to get the book—never did.
  • Subtle Exchanges by Fabian Stelzer:
    Forwarded to me by co-worker/CTO of Lijit, Stan . Fabian talks tech/attention , and was involved with both Lijit and it’s predecessor, Outfoxed.
  • Bug Blogger:
    This is the blog for the in BETA Bug Labs.
    I recently started following these guys—they are doing some ground breaking stuff with hardware.
    Stick around for my next blog post—it will talk about them!
  • Lijit Explore Feature -For this one, I ran through the new Explore feature available on my Lijit Wijit, and randomly clicked on a blog that looked interesting.
    And the winner is:
    Davor’s Technology Blog:
    Davor writes about technology, macs, software, all kinds of stuff. Right up my alley really.
    To tell the truth, I should have used our new feature to find all of my new blogs. I think that is what I will use it for from now on.

So ends my foray into International Blog Day. Be sure to visit, and remember if you get involved to tag your post by adding

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