Fastest Blog in the World

That’s right. This is now the fastest blog in the entire world. Maybe…

Regardless, this is the new and improved techniQal support . I have finally made the giant leap from hosting my blog on an old webserver in the guest bedroom, which was served by my residential dsl, to an actual external VPS host.

After months of looking, and deciding what I really wanted out of a host, I decided on Linode .

The price point for what you get is really pretty good, and I get to have the flexibility of having my own server, with the performance that I can’t get by having my own server(at home).

Thus far, everything about their product is easy to use, and you can even choose to be part of their Xen beta when signing up.

So if you are looking for flexibility for your hosting, I highly recommend them.


checkout the list of distro’s they support out of the box:

Arch Linux
Centos 5.0
Debian 4.0
Fedora Core 8
Gentoo 2007.0
OpenSUSE 10.3
Slackware 12.0
Ubuntu 7.10
CentOS 4.0 (RHEL)
Fedora Core 6
Mandrake 9.1
Slackware 10
Ubuntu 6.06
Ubuntu 7.04

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