Disqus is back again


After experimenting with Disqus a few months back, I decided that the best bet for my 25 blog comments was to keep them in WordPress and out of the “cloud”. I think Disqus changed my mind today. They just released a new wordpress plugin that gives you the best of both worlds.

It allows you to keep your comments on your site, which adds extra “hit points” to your SEO , but it also means that comments may actually come up in search results. This is huge since I work for a company that does stuff on the internet that has something to do with search. The new changes, and ease of install make using Disqus as your primary comment manager a no-brainer.

Add a Lijit Widget into the mix, and you have everything a blogger could need. Plus, with easy Disqus/Lijit integration , your search experience gets even better.

Congrats to Daniel Ha, and the rest of the Disqus team.

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