Lijit WordPress Plugin Revamped


Long ago, when I was slightly younger, in better shape, and maybe even better looking, I threw together a little wordpress plugin that made it a bit easier to add a Lijit Widget to a wordpress blog. Not long after that, I scored a job at Lijit and became so busy I never updated it or even really looked at it again. Until now…

Please ignore the melodramatic paragraph above. The truth is, we decided to get someone with some more wordpress plugin experience to help us out. We enlisted the help of Alex King and the great team at CrowdFavorite to help us create a new wordpress plugin that has more features, and is better integrated with the WordPress platform. The result is a great looking plugin that makes it easy to add Lijit to your wordpress blog,

Whats new:

  • Use your existing account, or create a new account from within the plugin admin menu
  • Choose between the classic sidebar widget, or hijack the wordpress search widget.
  • See your Lijit statistics from your wordpress dashboard.
  • Tighter plugin and admin menu integration

Where to get it:

Goto  to download the plugin and read the install instructions.

Need help or have questions?  Send an email to .

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