Ubiquity for Firefox is Everything

Aside from being a clever play on words, this post is really about one of the most interesting things to land on the web browser in a long time. Care of Mozilla Labs and Aza Raskin, Ubiquity is a Firefox plugin that brings the command line to the web, and the utility of the quicklauncher to your browser. Imagine a great tool like Quicksilver or Launchy , but for your web browsing tasks.
The utility available in this tool is truly amazing, and the potential is huge. I urge you to goto the Ubiquity page, watch the video , read the tutorials , and get a better understanding of what it does. So what can you do with Ubiquity with the stroke of a few keys?

  • Search:Google,Lijit(see below),Yahoo,Ask,MSN,Amazon,Wikipedia,flickr
  • Twitter
  • Email a page, google map, selected web content to any Gmail contact
  • Add a Google Calendar item

The list goes on and on(type command-list in the the command window to get a list of all of the command options).
Once you have it installed, visit this page to subscribe to a cool Ubiquity command that allows you to launch a Lijit search from any site that has a Lijit wijit installed.
Once you subscribe, if you are on a blog that uses Lijit, launch Ubiquity , and type liijit + “search query” to search that blogger , and all of their content.
It was a lot of fun to hack this up, and it will definitely inspire me to write some more commands.

More information
Firefox Plugin: https://people.mozilla.com/~avarma/ubiquity-0.1.xpi
Tutorial: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Labs/Ubiquity/Ubiquity_0.1_User_Tutorial
Developer Docs: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Labs/Ubiquity/Ubiquity_0.1_Author_Tutorial

Ubiquity for Firefox from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

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