Bespin Isn’t Just a Planet

I have been negligent. This is my first post in nearly three months(been busy) . But I ran into Bespin( the other day, and the more I think about it , the more intriguing it seems. So intriguing that it actually drove me to write a quick post about it. Although it is only a “technical demo” in most respects, it hints at some really cool concepts.

Outside of the obvious perks of having a cloud based development environment/editor , the web based command line elements are what get me excited. They are incorporating components from Ubiquity that enable some similar functionality. All of this adds up to a compelling product that I could see myself using.

My largest complaint with any development environment tends to be portability. I have to export packages, and re-import them if I want to work on something from home, or if I want to code on my laptop. If they can get the version control , integration/export features, and UI solid, then I think this could replace my use of Aptana. If they do it well enough, I may even stop using vim to write code.

Regardless, I think this counts as one of the first cloud based apps that would increase my productivity. All I ask is that they support php and python and give me a simple way to test my code as I write it.

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