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Asynchronous Javascript and XML

Preloaders: 3D Loading Animations

Loading GIF
Every AJAX app has them. Whether they are necessary in every case(or ever) is debatable . has them in 3d, 2d, and allows you to show the world that your app is making progress . Brevity aside, they have a decent selection of configurable loading animations that are easy to export to .gif . You can configure background and foreground color, as well as animation speed and size. Definitely a site worth bookmarking for the 1 or 2 times you would ever need it.

I previously posted about another similar site HERE .

Ajaxload – Ajax loading gif generator

Just ran into this on another site. Really cool way to build your own “custom” ajax loading image. Gives you something nice to do with that div while your content is fetching. You can choose from over 30 image animated gif styles, and customize the background color/transparency, as well as set the primary foreground color.

I love generators like this. This is simple to use, and saves you the time of creating your own gif.

Ajaxload – Ajax loading gif generator

Ajax WebApp Design Tutorial

I ran into this great article over on Digg .
This is one of the best design tutorials I have seen that really covers building a true Ajax web app,and how to implement it. The example uses php and and the Dojo library, so those are obvious pre-reqs. I think this would be helpful for any newbie ajax developer trying to get their feet wet, while at the same time enforcing good coding practices. This particular tutorial starts out with a basic site design, but promises future modules such as a user forum . Check it out at

Free Yahoo Ajax Library

Yahoo has done something nice for web world ! Surprised? I know some people don’t think they are very nice, since they will give your private search info to the government at the drop of a hat.
But Yahoo is trying to tell you it cares. The tools being released, are a pretty neat UI toolkit with features such as:

  • Animation
  • XMLHttpRequest library
  • Dom tools (CSS)
  • Drag and Drop
  • Event Manager
  • UI “Widgets” such as a Calendar,Slider, and Tree view

I have yet to really take an in-depth look at the code, but I expect a little more bloat than some of the other open source js toolkits out there.
Either way, it is released with a BSD license and is free to use. Give it a try–

Yahoo! UI Library

Boulder Happy Hour Gmaps Mashup

Booze is good
I decided to do another Gmaps mashup, since I had so much fun with the first one .
This new one is a Google Map, with a bunch of Boulder,Colorado area Bars and Restaurants listed.
The kicker here, is that you can click on a marker, and get their happy hour information.
Whether you want a glass of wine, or just some appetizers, this map helps you find what you are looking for.
Also would be helpful, it you wanted to do a bar tour/walk of shame in Boulder.
CLICK HERE for the Gmap Happiness

Colorado Ski/Snow Report

Mary Jane

Here is the link to the latest and greatest version of the Google Maps Snow Report

Here is a little page I put together for an RSS feed supplied version of the Colorado Snow Report.

  • Click the link to see it here, or check out the static page at
  • NEW:I have extended this a bit. I have created a Google Maps Mashup with the snow report data.
    It is still in “BETA” and a little ugly, but still neat. Check it out here
  • NEW:I have also taken the raw html data for this report and created a “Mobile Snow Report”. This should work fine on just about any wireless phone.
  • This data is collected from the RSS feed at For a link to the feed, try
    To update the data, click the link again. Any updated results from the RSS feed will automatically appear.
    (PS. Check out the AJAX RSS feed reader on the sidebar, to see the ‘lite’ version of this)