Python 3 File Read Write with Urllib

This post is inspired by my previous post on utilizing urllib2 to download a sequence of files programatically. As you probably know, the transition from Python2 to Python3 has left many people struggling to port their code, so I thought I would re-hash some of my old posts and provide Python3 versions of my code […]

Ruby and Rails Float Python’s Boat

Antonio over at has a great article about the effect the rise of Rails and Ruby has had on Python. I totally agree with him regarding the meteoric rise in popularity of Rails buoying scripting languages such as python. I believe more and more businesses are choosing, or are open enough, to implement Rails […]

My Squidoo Public Beta

So, the word is out, and Seth Godins‘ latest project, Squidoo, is slightly open to the public. Those of us who were closed beta testers were given the go ahead to share our Squidoo Lenses with friends and family. For those who don’t know, Squidoo, is a site that enhances the search engine ideology. It […]