What to do with a USB key

Usb key
Ever wonder what to do with that USB key you have lying around?

It seems you can find these almost anywhere now, often times given away as a promotional item. If you are completely confused about what you would ever do with it, or are wondering how to utilize it’s USBish power; PCMAG has a pretty good article that lists software and configuration hints, that will allow you to fully extend that 128mb of empty space.

Included in the article, are tips on installing Firefox, Thunderbird, Linux emulators, bootable linux distros, and tons of other goodies.

Check it out at


Synergy KVM Replacement

Okay, just happened upon this on hackaday.com,
but this software is one of the most creative and unique things I have ever seen.
Most linux users will have this installed without knowing it. Head over to the site to update.
Basically, Synergy allows you to control two or more pc’s with the same keyboard/mouse, without any special hardware. You just need to run the server on one machine, and then clients on the others. There are server/client combos for Win32, Unix, and OSX. It also allows copy/paste between displays, as well as shared screen savers. Continue reading “Synergy KVM Replacement”

Dig a Hole to China

Gmaps Api

Every kid on the planet, has dreamed of digging a hole in the ground, and one day ending up in China or Australia.
Did you ever wonder where you would really end up?

One enterprising Brasilian has taken the power of the Google Maps API, and answered this question. Check out the link below, and find out where your hole would end up, if you had the time and energy to dig it.

Dig a Hole through the Earth

Check out the previously mentioned Google API here:

Creating a Task Bar icon in wxPython


Here is another nifty tidbit of python code that is often hard to find. If you work with Python and wxPython to build gui apps, there are a number of widgets etc., that can be hard to figure out. Adding a task bar icon for your app is one of them. This simple example shows you how to add a taskbar icon, and capture events from it.

Continue reading “Creating a Task Bar icon in wxPython”

Pour Beer Faster and Better

This is impressive —This should be a fixture in every home.
It basically adjusts the flow of the beer out of the tap, so the beer is in contact with the nozzle for longer, and therefore does not strike the bottom of the glass with a hard impact.
Less impact, means less foam, less foam means faster pour, faster pour means–yummy yummy yummy!.
The 2 second pour is here.

TurboTap – Pour Faster, Better Beer

Look here for a .wmv of the turbo tap kicking some Guinness ass!

Google has taken over the Moon!

Google: Has taken over the moon!!

google moon
As if google didn’t have a giant grasp on the entire planet Earth already; but now they have conquered the moon.
Using images from NASA, they have extended google maps to show you the moon, and some of the landing sites from the Apollo Missions.
I will only be impressed, if I am able to use Google Local to plan a trip to the local grocery store, with a quick stop at the landing site of Apollo 12.

Okay–this is hilarious. Zoom in all the way
and see how cheesy this is!

Google Moon – Lunar Landing Sites: “Welcome to Google Moon”

Coming Soon! —Google Ads on the Moon(beta)!- Let the whole world see your important business message!

Coming Soon!—Google Milky
Way(beta)! Find directions to all of your favourite inter-galactic vacation spots.