New Maps API

Gmaps Api

Google has released the API for Google Maps. This api allows you to display maps on you own pages, and do things like add routes, icons, and information tabs. This is actually pretty easy to use, and all you need to do is apply for your own API key, and copy the example api code into any html page. If you need to see a working example, check the very bottom of this page, and you will see it at work(and where I work)REMOVED–Check the Google site. Pretty nifty trick. And if you are a blogger on blogspot, it is as easy as pasting the correct code into your template.

Click here for the API goodness!

Trolltech QT 4.0 GPL’d


Trolltech has finally launched a GPL version of their software for Win32. This is great news for myself, and a lot of people out there.I for one, have never been able to install QT properly on my linux box.
There was always some missing or mis-referenced library, and I never could get it to work. I could also never seem to find the old 2.3 Win32 version that was GPL’d. Now, I can try it on my windoze box, and see if it is easier to write my Python Gui’s.

Click here for the win32 download mirrors!

Virtual Unix with Javascript

Check out this really neat implementation of a *nix console done entirely in javascript. The quality of web design work showing up on the interweb, is getting really impressive. I am also rather happy to see this resurgence of javascript. I get the feeling that the popularity of Firefox
may be leading the new javascript/XUL/Ajax front.

Click here to check this out.

Simple Python Socket Test

I have found that there is not a lot of documentation out there that shows you a simple way to instantiate a socket connection. Here is a simple code snippet, that shows you how to make a connection using the socket module. This would be useful for checking whether a host is listening on a particular port. This is not a full sockets implementation(no send, or recieve), but simply tests if a TCP socket is open.
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Streamplug Mp4 in your Browser

Stumbled across this over the weekend and found it pretty useful, if not downright fun. With my luck this technology is 5 years old, and I am a late comer.
Either way, StreamPlug is a browser plugin for IE, Firefox,Mozilla,Netscape- that enables viewing of streaming Divx, Xvid, 3ivx, Sigma, Ogg Vorbis,etc., right in your browser.
This thing works on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP and GASP!!! —-LINUX
Some of the interesting nuts and bolts:
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Winamp iTunes Plugin

winamp itunes
A new plug-in for Winamp has just been announced, that can alleviate your need for ITunes. The plug-in ml_Ipod offers up some pretty neat features.
If you were previously managing your music collection in Winamp, you can go back. This plugin will break you from the pain of associating your IPod with only one instance of ITunes(Ipod database).
You will also be able copy songs from your Ipod to your hard drive. You can also configure the plugin to handle the DRM on songs purchased from ITMS using software from the Hymn Project.
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