Ubiquity for Firefox is Everything

Aside from being a clever play on words, this post is really about one of the most interesting things to land on the web browser in a long time. Care of Mozilla Labs and Aza Raskin, Ubiquity is a Firefox plugin that brings the command line to the web, and the utility of the quicklauncher to your browser. Imagine a great tool like Quicksilver or Launchy , but for your web browsing tasks.
The utility available in this tool is truly amazing, and the potential is huge. I urge you to goto the Ubiquity page, watch the video , read the tutorials , and get a better understanding of what it does. So what can you do with Ubiquity with the stroke of a few keys?

  • Search:Google,Lijit(see below),Yahoo,Ask,MSN,Amazon,Wikipedia,flickr
  • Twitter
  • Email a page, google map, selected web content to any Gmail contact
  • Add a Google Calendar item

The list goes on and on(type command-list in the the command window to get a list of all of the command options).
Once you have it installed, visit this page to subscribe to a cool Ubiquity command that allows you to launch a Lijit search from any site that has a Lijit wijit installed.
Once you subscribe, if you are on a blog that uses Lijit, launch Ubiquity , and type liijit + “search query” to search that blogger , and all of their content.
It was a lot of fun to hack this up, and it will definitely inspire me to write some more commands.

More information
Firefox Plugin: https://people.mozilla.com/~avarma/ubiquity-0.1.xpi
Tutorial: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Labs/Ubiquity/Ubiquity_0.1_User_Tutorial
Developer Docs: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Labs/Ubiquity/Ubiquity_0.1_Author_Tutorial

Ubiquity for Firefox from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

Lijit WordPress Plugin Revamped


Long ago, when I was slightly younger, in better shape, and maybe even better looking, I threw together a little wordpress plugin that made it a bit easier to add a Lijit Widget to a wordpress blog. Not long after that, I scored a job at Lijit and became so busy I never updated it or even really looked at it again. Until now…

Please ignore the melodramatic paragraph above. The truth is, we decided to get someone with some more wordpress plugin experience to help us out. We enlisted the help of Alex King and the great team at CrowdFavorite to help us create a new wordpress plugin that has more features, and is better integrated with the WordPress platform. The result is a great looking plugin that makes it easy to add Lijit to your wordpress blog,

Whats new:

  • Use your existing account, or create a new account from within the plugin admin menu
  • Choose between the classic sidebar widget, or hijack the wordpress search widget.
  • See your Lijit statistics from your wordpress dashboard.
  • Tighter plugin and admin menu integration

Where to get it:

Goto http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-lijit-wijit  to download the plugin and read the install instructions.

Need help or have questions?  Send an email to support@lijit.com .

Disqus is back again


After experimenting with Disqus a few months back, I decided that the best bet for my 25 blog comments was to keep them in WordPress and out of the “cloud”. I think Disqus changed my mind today. They just released a new wordpress plugin that gives you the best of both worlds.

It allows you to keep your comments on your site, which adds extra “hit points” to your SEO , but it also means that comments may actually come up in search results. This is huge since I work for a company that does stuff on the internet that has something to do with search. The new changes, and ease of install make using Disqus as your primary comment manager a no-brainer.

Add a Lijit Widget into the mix, and you have everything a blogger could need. Plus, with easy Disqus/Lijit integration , your search experience gets even better.

Congrats to Daniel Ha, and the rest of the Disqus team.

Sideways Solution for Macbook


File this one in the ridiculous category. I’ve waited for quite a while to do the Tiger – > Leopard upgrade on my Macbook. But the promise of easy backup with TimeMachine made me make the decision that this was the week to make “the switch” . So I get the install dvd and try to go through all of the steps of getting the install to work. That is when the fun begins. I tried multiple DVD’s, so I know it wasn’t the install media. Regular DVD’s and CD’s work fine, so it probably isn’t the drive.


  1. DVD only boots 20% of the time..
  2. All install methods fail before they get going.
  3. DVD gets spit out 80% of the time.


1. Turn the macbook on it’s side. Seriously. It has also been suggested that turning it upside down may do the trick.


Photo Courtesy of Tara’s sweet camera

Notice the gap near the back. Although precarious, it gave me enough room to leave the power attached. How stupid is that?