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Mmm… Beer
Mmm… Libations

Beer Calculator

Here at Lijit we spend plenty of time testing stuff for new software releases . As anyone who has to test software knows, the monotony sets in, and you need to find novel ways to make the work fun. My favorite option involves using Lijit to search for ridiculous search terms, and then being amazed at what I find in my extended network. Example : “Monkey Pants”

Today, the search term was “beer”, and the end result is the awesome tool Kegulator.
It helps you by calculating your beer/ice/cups needs based on the number of people attending your “kegger”, and evaluating the drinking habits of those guests.
This may be an invaluable tool for those spring skiing expeditions, and summer barbecues.
I just think it’s a cool idea.


Boulder Happy Hour Gmaps Mashup

Booze is good
I decided to do another Gmaps mashup, since I had so much fun with the first one .
This new one is a Google Map, with a bunch of Boulder,Colorado area Bars and Restaurants listed.
The kicker here, is that you can click on a marker, and get their happy hour information.
Whether you want a glass of wine, or just some appetizers, this map helps you find what you are looking for.
Also would be helpful, it you wanted to do a bar tour/walk of shame in Boulder.
CLICK HERE for the Gmap Happiness


Flickr PhotoOnce the weather cools down, the booze posts start flooding in.Check out this great innovation in alcohol delivery systems.
It replaces your wimpy one spigot keg tap, with an UBER 3-spigot tap.
You can now get drunk three times as fast.

Also, check their Ultimate Cocktail add-on. This specially designed pressurized bottle allows you to tap a keg o’ whatever you want.
Pour your favourite cocktail into the bottle, and attach the UBER tap, and you can finish the whole thing in two or three minutes.
It is really nice to see technology changing the booze world.


Liquid Reservoir Ski Poles – ColdPole

Okay alchies’ -time to prioritize which new gear you’re going to need for the coming Ski/Snowboard season.
You no longer need to worry about lugging that flask, or pint o’ Rumpleminz, in your jacket.
You can now enjoy your favourite booze of choice anywhere on the mountain.
These ski poles sport a removable handle, that hides a resevoir that can hold up to 8 oz of liquid in each pole.
I know some people who I guarantee cannot live without this.
Check the ColdPole site below for ordering info,etc.

Liquid Reservoir Ski Poles – ColdPole

Pour Beer Faster and Better

This is impressive —This should be a fixture in every home.
It basically adjusts the flow of the beer out of the tap, so the beer is in contact with the nozzle for longer, and therefore does not strike the bottom of the glass with a hard impact.
Less impact, means less foam, less foam means faster pour, faster pour means–yummy yummy yummy!.
The 2 second pour is here.

TurboTap – Pour Faster, Better Beer

Look here for a .wmv of the turbo tap kicking some Guinness ass!