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Flickr PhotoOnce the weather cools down, the booze posts start flooding in.Check out this great innovation in alcohol delivery systems.
It replaces your wimpy one spigot keg tap, with an UBER 3-spigot tap.
You can now get drunk three times as fast.

Also, check their Ultimate Cocktail add-on. This specially designed pressurized bottle allows you to tap a keg o’ whatever you want.
Pour your favourite cocktail into the bottle, and attach the UBER tap, and you can finish the whole thing in two or three minutes.
It is really nice to see technology changing the booze world.


Palm Treo 650 will go Crackberry

This is interesting news for a number of reasons. First off, I finally joined the throngs of Treo 650 owners, and I am really pleased with it so far.
Second –where I work, they prefer the blackberry enterprise stuff, so I have been out of the loop on that so far(ps. blackberry phones are ugly).
Third, it seems to me that RIM may be trying to suck up some cash, so they can afford the potential licensing fees, that they may have to pay.
The patent lawsuit for wireless email, has turned against RIM, so I get the feeling they are trying to license their tech as much as possible. This may help stem the cost of the court injunction against them. As a side note, the company suing RIM, has failed to uphold their patent claims with the USPTO, but, the court case is still going their way.
Let’s hope RIM doesn’t disappear.

Palm says Treo 650 to get BlackBerry Connect early 2006 – Engadget – www.engadget.com

Liquid Reservoir Ski Poles – ColdPole

Okay alchies’ -time to prioritize which new gear you’re going to need for the coming Ski/Snowboard season.
You no longer need to worry about lugging that flask, or pint o’ Rumpleminz, in your jacket.
You can now enjoy your favourite booze of choice anywhere on the mountain.
These ski poles sport a removable handle, that hides a resevoir that can hold up to 8 oz of liquid in each pole.
I know some people who I guarantee cannot live without this.
Check the ColdPole site below for ordering info,etc.

Liquid Reservoir Ski Poles – ColdPole

Holy Crap-Good day for Apple

First off—The iPod nano is very,very nice. But a 60GB VIDEO iPod will beat it up in the schoolyard with ease.

Apple news for the day(in order of importance):

  1. New Ipod(30GB and 60Gb flavors) -supports playback of MPEG4 and H.264 -plus has composite video out.
    Apple – iPod
    I want this bad enough that it really truly hurts.
  2. iTunes 6–supports purchase of music videos, new videocasting support, gift giving of playlists/songs–and…
    Buy TV shows for $1.99 the day after they are released. This includes titles such as Lost,Desperate Housewives, and more.
    They are pushing the limits on this one.

  3. The new iMac G5
    sports new media enhancements, built in iSight camera, included remote—very nice. Could easily replace your tv.

Good job Jobs!

Honda Dog W.O.W. Concept Car

Dog Friendly Car
Being a dog lover, this seems like a neat idea, albeit very Japanese.
This new concept car from Honda, sports a “cubby” hole in the front dash, that your dog can hang out in

(Japanese Translation)If the extra seat which is received under the floor is produced and the pad of the seat back and the bearing surface is caused, you turn quickly to the center crate which it can ride to the medium-sized dog. If the lid before the suicide seat is opened, it is possible to place the small-sized dog, the instrument panel crate appears.

If that makes no sense, check out the pictures on the translated web site.
Basically a cool dog friendly car.

Honda W.O.W. Concept