Python 3 File Read Write with Urllib

This post is inspired by my previous post on utilizing urllib2 to download a sequence of files programatically. As you probably know, the transition from Python2 to Python3 has left many people struggling to port their code, so I thought I would re-hash some of my old posts and provide Python3 versions of my code […]

You Just Got Tagged

Tara recently wrote about how she was tagged by someone else in a blog post, which is apparently the equivalent of poking someone with a stick via the internet. Normally I don’t fall in for the “chain letter / poking / link love/ tagging” behavior. This time though, Tara used the correct method to goad […]

Ruby and Rails Float Python’s Boat

Antonio over at has a great article about the effect the rise of Rails and Ruby has had on Python. I totally agree with him regarding the meteoric rise in popularity of Rails buoying scripting languages such as python. I believe more and more businesses are choosing, or are open enough, to implement Rails […]